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The amount of construction in 2016 continues to increase in most areas--- where the funds come from is a mystery. RECENT ARTICLE IN NEWS CLAIMS 16% INCREASE IN AMOUNT OF CONSTRUCTION IN 2016.

The condo tsunami building expansion continues in the provinces of San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia especially out the 27 Highway past Ciudad Colon near the giant Con Casa project. Guanacaste has slowed down to a trickle.

Our opinion is the prices for new condos have increased far more than the middle class can afford.

We await the influx of North American and European Expats to soak up all the units--------until then we are unsure of the stability of the market. However so many times our clients tell us they wish they had bought 10 years ago. In 2026 will they say the same. Probably.

We posted articles about land prices from 2008 in the general category of Craigs for you to review.
We still believe all the facts that Maurice Kanbar (see photos of Kanbar with one of the largest developrs in Costa Rica) and Henry Kaufman made during their inspections of the country with us 5 years ago regarding this country as a paradise for seniors. Those stories are all over the internet for those who care to read about their analysis. Also photo of Paula who was the treasurer of Intel for Latin America with one of the largest landlords in the Bronx who used to be the assistant of the President of Exxon Chemical with Angela Jimenez Rocha.

We continue to find a few bargains in finished condos at less than $1000m2 where most of the new ones are $2000m2

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