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traveling abroad for business

Traveling abroad for businesses and need a translator. I offer my services as a personal assistant. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Thai. For website and reviews and prior clients recommendations please contact me.

Do you want to come to paradise for:
* Tourism
* Dental/Medical Procedures
* Business Opportunities
* Relocation
* Retirement

but don't know:
- spanish
- reliable local contacts
- your way around
- what you should see & do first

Hi, I'm Scott, from the great State of Maine! I hired Roy as a guide/translator for 2 weeks, in October, 2017. My goal was to travel solo, and get a full sensory experience of culture, in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. My aim was not simply to view places, but to fully engage with the cultures. I wanted to live as a local, not as a tourist, visiting foreign lands.

Roy was perfect for this job! He knows the good places to go in about every city and town, knows people everywhere and, where he doesn't, he makes new and trustworthy connections quickly. He has a talent for that.

In addition, he accomodates custom requests. For instance, I wanted to cook in Costa Rica. Within 24 hours of my telling him that, I was making tamales with a family, in their backyard cusina. Yeah, Roy makes it happen, exactly the way you want it to. The guy was nothing short of amazing.

I've traveled a few continents, but this trip, with Roy as guide/translator/bodyguard (I had him take me a few places that I would never have visited alone), has been the most informative, engaging, and all around fun adventure I've ever had.

If you are seeking that ground level, up close and personal experience with the natives who live in the places you visit, Roy will guide you there. Check out his fb; I'm the old guy with the belly. Working with Roy was an excellent experience! I HIGHLY recommend!
For contact information please ask.

Zara Erin
Roy Lang.. what can I say !! Truly you made my trip, I'm delighted I made the decision to use your services. I found you highly professional, good fun and very knowledgable . I'm glad I had you as a guide, I would recommend you highly to those who want some real local knowledge !! Excellent exsperience !! I'm sure to visit again .
Thank you
Zara Erin
For contact information please ask.

David William Johnson...
Roy Lang has helped me for the past 3
years to translate and serve as a personal assistant when I travel from Texas to
Nicaragua. I don't even have to wonder if
he will be on time to pick me up at the airport, as he is always there ahead of
time. I usually fly into Managua, but a few
times I flew into Liberia, Costa Rica. Those times, Roy helped me navigate clearing both countries borders, going in and out,without a single hiccup! Roy helped me with negotiating the purchase of two properties in Nicaragua. He was instrumental in helping me get both a fair local price and setting down with a local attorney to deal with the documents/title. He is a natural at making friends quickly in any area that you're interested in and getting whatever information you need.
Roy is not just about business either, he can show you the sights, a good place to eat, or where to find some good music
and dancing. Roy Lang can be trusted
completely and watches out for your interest.
David William Johnson...

Doctor Assade
I do believe Roy is a great man, he is amazing in what he does! I have the chance to meet him a few months ago to arrange a medical mission with volunteers from US to come to Guatemala to help indigenous communities, specially women and children. He help during all the process with his experience and everything goes perfect! As result more than 400 persons were helped with medical aid -curative and prevantitve- in Guatemalan highlands. I absolutly recommend Roy and his services! Thank you for all!
Doctor Assade

Antoya Nicole Stovall
Roy is like a big brother, best friend, concerned parent. He IS the Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, Panamanian Almanac of things to do, places to go, when and how to get there! He nose various Hangouts and cool places to visit that aren't along the beaten path. I am so grateful go the unbelievable experiences and guide through these countries!!!
Muchas Besos!
Antoya Nicole Stovall

Roy Lang
he was an exceptional guide and I can highly recommend his services. He is not only kind but also funny
I will definitely hire his services again
Greg , Florida

Ray T Wigging
Roy is the best traveling companion to have. He is great company and will take very good care of you as well as make sure anything you want to do is accomplished.
Thank you so much for our day and night in San Jose... we appreciate you!
Roy Lang
For my contact information please ask...

Payment$$$ negotiate For Translating Services, Tour guiding, Personal Bodyguard, Personal Assistant. All day in Costa Rica!! Other country services $ negotiate. Conditions apply.
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