post zu favoriten info ABOUT CAR RENTALS IN COSTA RICA free GPS (COSTA RICA) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

our roads have improved over the last 10 years but too many areas still have uneven roads with lots of potholes and it is important to have a new vehicle in good condition with the right kind of tires

we rent new vehicles with 24 emergency service all over costa rica and if you read our reference and review section from real tourists over the last 20 years make an informed decision

most are not aware that the concourse fee inside the airport is very high and we sent courtesy shuttle to meet all flights outside the immigration exit so you avoid this

so many families write to us to get discount of $100 week when they have 5-7 people who just paid close to $800 for airplane tickets and trying to save $100 and have ruined vacation is not economic sense

anyone who has an amex card or a gold or plat visa, mc usually can get coverage for collission at no charge but you really need to have liability insurance here since no credit card will cover that in costa rica ---------ask about our free GPS offer

please read the reference review section from real people with real email address on really like the one from the famous physics professor who once shared offices with stephen hawking and richard feynman
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