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My life partner/love and I are skilled professionals who've recently declined several high salary positions to seek something where our skills, experience and work ethic will align with our passion and beliefs.

If we are going to dedicate our precious time and skills to a project it must harmonize with our purpose. Wellness, fitness, human potential, healing are natural abilities of ours. We combine these skills with administration, engineering and craftsman skills.

Here's a brief list of some accomplishments and skills:
26 years in rehabilitation, sports fitness and musculoskeletal restructuring.
18 years teaching yoga and breathwork
Campus manager for a Nationally Accredited School of massage and fitness.
Teacher of massage, ethics, business, spa treatments.
Trained and skilled in healing arts: massage, trigger-point, reiki, hypnotherapy, herbal healing, organ cleansing, vibrational healing, mantra, visualization, meditation.
Clinical trials coordinator.
Manager/buyer for privately owned coffee cafe at the Ritz Carlton.
Opperations Manager for tourist events on Maui.
Hosts for Caribbean VRBO
Property Managers for 10 acre organic property in Puerto Rico.
Professional proof reader and editor, writer.
Skilled in small engine repair, solar systems and water catchment systems, carpentry.
Skilled organic gardeners, tropical fruit cultivation, animal care, sustainable practices, green houses and more.

We seek an opportunity with someone whom is knowledgeable in the area and possibly has land or facility we can merge into to create a special place.
Please contact us with your idea or offer. Professional and personal references will be provided upon further communion. :))

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