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I can help you with your imports from China, either for your brick and mortar store, your e-commerce business or an idea you would like to develop. I'm acquainted as well with Amazon selling (FBA).
I can work remotely or move where it may be necessary.

A little bit about myself:
--I'm a Costa Rican guy. I live in Costa Rica
--I've worked many years in international trade between China and Western countries (mainly imports from China). I'm very acquainted with the whole purchasing process, especially in the Chinese market (supplier and product research, international logistics, quality control, vendor selection, product inspection, customized product development, especial OEM requirements, etc). I have experience in manufacturing customized products in Chinese factories and managing the whole supply chain from China to other countries.
--I have an intermediate Mandarin Chinese speaking level
-- I speak fluently, both, Spanish and English.
--I lived many years in Asia. I'm acquainted with the Chinese culture and their business practices.
-- I have participated in international trade shows in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai. Canton and Bejing. I've been as well to Yiwu (in China), the largest commodity market in the world
- I also have experience in Exports to China (agribusiness)
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