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Is selling real estate in Costa Rica a scam? (Costa Rica)

Yes, it can be.
But I want to tell you about a gringo that moved to Costa Rica 20 years ago... became the largest realtor in the country and made international news with his writings and publicity.
But then it caught up to him... and his own attorney completely drained his bank account.
and he had nothing left.
He left the country in disgrace.
Leaving a daughter and two grandsons behind.

But now... 5 years later... he has returned.
And not knowing what he would do or even how he would survive...
But now...
...he has uncovered a a system that allows its user to uncover and resell properties and homes at literally TEN CENTS on the dollar.
... he has an attorney that he has partnered with who has already agreed to joint venture with him and utilize his own clientele for Costa Rican buyers and investors.
... the investors will even have , in most cases, have the properties to be sold undercontract , before the monies are even needed for purchase.
... and even better... there is zero competition because of the low entry level pricing AND because no one else is using this system.

Why am I writing this...?
1. I need a sales person who wi wqall introduce our products, which basically blow their competition right out of the water... iin essence, half of the price of the competition. This person would be a professional who KNOWS real estate and can sell at a managerial level rather than to the end user. It is a no brainer.
2. I need two investors to cover expenses for my scout and myself for three months. We are talking very little but it is a concern. And collateral is available and returns are phenomenal.

If you want more information drop me a line here and please send your email address and I will return email with mine. I do not want this type of information to spread. This is legitimate and all information and proof will be furnished to you if you are bonafide and serious.

this is not bogus, even if you think that it MIGHT be true... can you afford to not at least check it out?

it is... and yes, withoout a doubt I can prove it.

Hope to hear from you... change your world.

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