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DO YOU REALLY WANT TO OVERPAY for your property, vehicle, etc ? (Costa Rica / anywhere)

Anywhere you go, "locals" can easily recognize that you are not from that area, and you do not know local values.

This is especially true in Costa Rica, where LAND values seem so "reasonable" compared to "back home", that you
may not even feel the need to negotiate... but would you feel differently if you knew it MAY be possible to purchase
the same property for significantly less?

The same applies to VEHICLES... because there is less depreciation than in North America, we come to understand
that vehicles have higher values locally... but, it is still possible to get "good deals" IF you know how & where!

Add to the above "MARKET VALUE FACTORS" the simple fact that if you do not have a BUYER'S AGENT
working to negotiate on YOUR behalf means that the people you are talking to (the vendors and/or THEIR
agent) ALL make MORE MONEY THE MORE YOU PAY! (does this sound like a good situation for you??)


Because we know HOW & WHERE to find the assets you are looking to purchase, and HOW TO
NEGOTIATE WITH THE LOCALS, we can save you money !
And because we know how local transfers and logistics work, we can also save you time & trouble :)

Contact us via e-mail today, with a line or two about what you are looking for, we'll get back to you with
some helpful free information to get you on the right track!
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