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This is NOT your "normal" real estate job (Costa Rica)

asistencia para reubicación disponible
remuneración: compensation will come when the company is profitable as with any real estate firm. From sales
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Let me ask you a hypothetical question:
"could you sell real estate in Costa Rica ( or anywhere ) if your offering prices were at least 50% less than the competition AND the properties were BETTER than the competition?"

Of course you could... almost anyone could, right?
But now you're thinking "BS... no one has properties like this!" Right?

Well, guess what?
We do.
This is NOT illegal, shady or "wrong" in any way, shape, or form.

It is a system that I discovered after being in the real estate game in Costa Rica for almost 20 years. And yes, i was good at it... and I made a lot of money. But that was totally because I spent a lot of money on scouts and people out knocking on doors and sourcing and finding the lowest prices. No big mystery, except almost no one else was doing it in the areas that I worked.

This system takes not take advantage of a "loophole" in the system, rather it uses simply human nature AND the exact system in Costa Rica which already exists... to find, buy and sell properties which are completely "hidden" from 99.99% of realtors, investors and other property seekers in Costa Rica.

We know what people want in properties in our areas. Then we access the appropriate properties and we find if they fit our criteria... and no, there are very few that do. And no one else is doing what we do. NO ONE.
We literally find properties... GOOD properties... at TEN CENTS on the dollar.

I am fully aware that almost no one will believe this.
But I would be pretty stupid to run an ad like this if it were not true... OR... I cannot prove it... RIGHT?

I have all of the pieces in place but I cannot do it alone.
At age 73, yeah, I don't have the energy I used to. \

If this sounds like something that sounds "too good to be true" ... BUT...
IF it was true... you would jump all over it...
You owe it to yourself to send me an email.

This is as real as it gets.
The upside and the potential is staggering... and we are 90% of the way there.
If you are the type that is excited by building something real... and something that has staggering potential AND virtually no ceiling...
AND you know a little about real estate in Costa Rica and you love a challenge...
This might be exactly what you are looking for.

But hurry... because I will finish it on my own... or find someone else... because it is too good to shelf... and it is simply not the way I am built.
This is real... and I promise you that you will never see something like this again.
I never have and I have been building businesses... and even taking them public... for well over 40 years.

It doesn't get any better.
Write for details and tell me why we should talk.
Do it now. This is real.

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