Custom Stryper style guitar! - ₡295,000 (Santo Domingo)


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This guitar came from China (where many Jackson guitars are actually made); but it is NOT a real Jackson.
But it looks, feels, and plays like one.
The pickups are not real SDs, but they sound very good, and I have not thought it necessary to upgrade them.
I have upgraded the bridge to a black chrome Floyd Rose Special, and I also moved the output jack from the short wing to the pickguard.
(Whoever thought that putting the output jack right where the guitar sits on your leg when you play was a good idea, was an idiot.)

I also leveled and polished the frets, and put a set of black beauties strings on it, 9-42.
It has super low action, and it is a shredding machine...

This guitar rocks, is better than brand new (not a scratch on it) and the price is firm.

Please reply via email, and thank you for your interest.
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