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Professional Snuggler Available (Tamarindo)

remuneración: $80 per hour plus tips....
tipo de empleo: contrato

The Professional Cuddler offers its clients physical contact — without sex —

“We’re selling affection, well-being and support through cuddles,”

There are different services offered at different price points.

They start at $35 for 30 minutes of cuddles, with higher prices for options such as skin-to-skin snuggling — “where the men and women wear shorts, while the women also wear a short top instead of a full pyjama
There’s also an “in-crisis cuddle,” if the client is in a panicked or emotional state. This option can set you back as much as $325.

“We believe that it’s a service that is so important and we want to make it available for those who need it,”
“With the level of intimacy and what we cuddlers are giving, it’s a service worth much more than that.”

The service is similar to paying for a massage, Reid said.

The client and cuddler meet wherever they choose, she said. It could be at the cuddler’s home, the client’s home, or a public place.

A 2012 study by the University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine found that cuddling is effective in helping to manage depression.

“It’s good for our psychological health, it lowers our blood pressure, it makes us healthier, helps us cope with stress, helps us cope with pain,” said Robinson.

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