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We are based in Costa Rica, in the capital, San Jose.

The idea is to implement a new revolutionary method to combat erectile dysfunction, without injections, tablets, creams or any other medication. The method is based on massages and self-exercises, plus other techniques that, if our discussion continues, will be explained in detail.

There are two alternatives: the first with a mobile consultory that requires an investment of about USD. 20,000, and the second with a physical consultation, which requires around USD. 50,000.

Each treatment will be sold at USD. 2,500, there is a quite big potential market in Costa Rica, mostly foreigners. At the beginning it is assumed to have at least four new clients a week, with the possibility to grow after a few weeks or during the firts three months of activity.

The financial cooperation required can be of two types; the first is a pure loan that will be repaid, including non-usurious interests, with 30% of the price of each treatment, and the second is through the 30% shareholding of the company that will manage the project, with a one-year back-up pact.
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