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Come teach English in Costa Rica! (San José)

remuneración: Not enough
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I advise extreme caution when looking for an ESL teaching job. There are many unethical companies that take advantage of newer teachers and inexperienced travelers. Please see this site for reviews about this certain school:

This company is highly unethical and my experience there was horrible (disclaimer... MAYBE they changed but I doubt it). Here´s my take on the pros and cons of this school:

PROS. Just like another teacher mentioned, if you´re new to teaching they´ll still hire you and give you a chance. They aid teachers in finding homestays and will send someone to pick you up at the airport. They provide everything but lesson plans (at least when I was there): tests, evaluation rubrics, curriculum, etc.

CONS. I agree with what another previous teacher posted: the director needs to keep her family out of the business. They are very unqualified and add to the general disorganization of their institute. The "director" only speaks Spanish, and throws the burden of the school on her current "English Program Coordinator" (a euphamism for "go do everything I tell you to do and then some"). I feel sorry for whoever is the coordinator now, because that position is loaded...with problems. Our 2018 coordinator left because she was overburdened and completely unsupported. The director threw everything on her and it showed when the coordinator left, from what I´ve seen and heard it was a train wreck.

At least in 2018, the company was engaged in various illegal and dubious practices: visa runs (you HAVE to have a visa before you even begin working), no paid insurance or aguinaldo (the director had all teachers as "private contractors" in order to avoid having to pay these legal obligations and also to avoid paying extra taxes). The government is really cracking down on various legalities. It´s a matter of time before they snag this company for their illegal practices and dubious "methods." I feel really really sorry for all teachers who worked there and who are working there now. You got dealt a raw deal. I´d advise looking elsewhere. This company doesn´t have your best interests at heart.

UPDATE at the end of 2019, (2020 as of right now they're working online due to COVID-19 according to their FaceBook page): Apparently they couldn´t even keep their new coordinator from 2019. They were looking for another one on Craigslist, since September 2019. That says a LOT:

If this is New Learning Academy, do NOT work here. They have a very bad reputation. Look up what few reviews they haven't erased from the website Glassdoor.
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