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I work in IT and Technical Support and this Ad is something that I enjoy doing.

$40 first hour then $20/hr.

Here are some of the services that I provide:

Remote Support
Virus / Viruses / Malware Removal and undoing the damage that they have done.
Virtually every computer has Malware, even with an Anti-Virus installed.
Speed up the system, making it faster than when it was new.
Speed up your Internet connection. Set a new physical & IP address so it's like a brand new connection.
Set up and/or Improve your WiFi
Resolve Printer issues.
Backup & Transfer your Data
Recover your Data from a failing Hard Drive or USB Thumb Drive.
Build a new PC

Clean the dust out of the computer or any other device like PlayStation or Xbox.
Dust is very bad for a computer or any electronic device, as it conducts electricity, obstructs fans air flow and collects moisture, it can in turn cause your CPU or HDD to overheat and/or fail.

Upgrade your PC with an SSD (Solid State Drive) that will make it amazingly faster.
An HDD (Hard Disk Drive) was invented by IBM over 60 years ago..
No matter how fast the CPU is and how much RAM a system has, the bottleneck is always the HDD. Replacing it with an SSD will drastically improve a system's performance.

SSD does not fragment, and so it doesn't need de-fragmentation and does not slow down over time. Upgrading a laptop with an SSD will also extend the battery life, because it uses a lot less energy as there are no moving parts.
SSD lasts a lot longer than an HDD, makes no noise, and does not heat up.

A computer is a hardware/software tool to simplify life, not make one frustrated It's a Personal Computer for a reason! Tell we you need and I'll make it happen..

I can also build you a new Desktop PC that will be a lot faster and cheaper compared to any of the manufacturers' like DELL, Alienware, HP, Gateway, etc. I provide the links to Amazon and once the parts are purchased. The parts come with a 3-year to LifeTime Warranty.

I look forward to helping you.
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